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Playing in an escape room is a fun and concentrated tool of self-discovery, for both individuals and groups alike.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Finding and exploiting your strengths while minimizing weakness is essential to success in any branch of human endeavour, be it work, family, sports, recreation or personal development.

Escape rooms offer a super-charged way to discover and reinforce your strengths while identifying and mitigating weakness. Without thought or effort your natural talents will reveal themselves. You will find yourself gravitating towards the tasks you are good at, and delegating to others the tasks you aren’t.

Groups of all shapes and sizes also find escape rooms to be worth their weight in platinum as a quick and effective way of building teamwork. Natural leaders will emerge organically, cutting through rank and roles that have been imposed from outside.

Teams will quickly find and settle into an equilibrium that optimizes for success, with everyone pulling for the same goal. Roles will form, break, reform and transform to overcome the stiff challenges encountered in a well designed escape room. Hot air will be quickly deflated and methods that get results instantly rewarded. No ego will be left unscathed, and through that challenge new bonds may take shape.

And all of this out of a simulated one-hour crisis, but without the associated consequences of a real-world emergency!

Escape Rooms 101

Escape Rooms 101

Are you new to escape rooms? Here is an introductory video by renowned Canadian escape room expert Professor Scott Nicholson.

Please understand that assigning roles is something that does not need to be formalized, part of the point of escape rooms is that individuals discover things about themselves, such as which roles they naturally fall into, and where their strengths and weaknesses lay.