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Victoria BC’s Most Challenging and Innovative Escape Rooms


From arrival to departure, a Game Master will be with you to provide hints and insure you have fun with the game, avoiding any unforeseen misunderstandings, malfunctions or confusions.

100% LOCAL

Our missions are 100% unique, hand-crafted and developed right here in Victoria. We never buy repackaged themes from franchise companies back east or off-shore.


We believe that escape rooms are at their best when they challenge and stimulate our minds, not frighten or startle us. Our games feel more like Da Vinci Code, Indiana Jones or Mission Impossible, not Cabin in the Woods.


We offer both indoor and outdoor adventures. No matter the season or weather forecast we have the game for you!


Book and pay online any time, from anywhere with an internet connection. We accept credit card, VisaDebit, etransfer, or PayPal.


We are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and do not allow drop-ins. Instead we are open for advance bookings 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for maximum flexibility of scheduling for your group.


Mission Briefing

Four years ago Professor Charles McMurdo of Miskatonic University disappeared from his home in sleepy Arkham, clouded by rumours of a dangerous mystery cult plotting to destroy the world. A year and a day later he resurfaced, spinning dark tales of a lost tomb in the jungle and foul rituals to banish an ancient enemy.

Now a temporal rift centred over the Professor’s study threatens to engulf all of Arkham. Can your team of experts defeat the professor’s wards and seal the rift before the city is pulled into the flux vortex?

To succeed you will need to select a group of SPIES operatives with a wide range of talents and experience. Choose your team and make ready to enter the missing professor’s study!


    • BEGINNER: Novices looking to get their feet wet with escape rooms can select the “Beginner” level for a more forgiving challenge.
    • MEDIUM: Groups wanting a typical escape room challenge can choose “Medium” for a degree of difficulty in line with other escape rooms on the Island and lower mainland.
    • VETERAN: Experienced escape room enthusiasts can vie for glory on our Hall of Fame “Best Times” leader board by selecting the “VETERAN” level and testing their mettle against the most difficult escape challenge in the city. Only first-run groups who choose “Veteran” are eligible for our leader board!



    WE HAD SO MUCH FUN LAST NIGHT! Went with a couple friends to try out the BRANDNEW room and we had a freaking blast playing the games. I’m still smiling today after our appointment yesterday. The puzzles were challenging but we managed to complete in record time (on hard mode). I have only ever done two rooms in my LIFE. I was honestly a little nervous but this was SO MUCH FUN! If you’ve never been and are scared to try it out, I say just do it! Can’t wait to go back!


    Last week my team and I completed The Trinity Project and oh man it was one of the best escape room experiences I have ever had! We made it out in record time and it was an overall blast! Tonight we had the privilege to test out a brand new game opened for booking starting October 1st, 2021. It was such a challenge but so fun! We made it out with 15 minutes and 51 seconds to spare. This room has a hard and medium level of game play, and the hard definitely lived up to its name but was well worth the brain power. Our Game Master Derek is the sweetest and most passionate GM I have ever had and truly makes the experience what it is!! So if you’re looking for a night out with a twist or if you’re a seasoned escape room player this is the place for you!


    My group and I completed both Trinity and the newest S.P.I.E.S room and they were amazing! Trinity is so well thought out and engaging. There is great variety in the puzzles and the clues keep you on your toes. The new S.P.I.E.S room is a toughie, but incredibly creative! It got our brains working but didn’t leave us completely frustrated. Great care and effort were put into both these rooms and I could not recommend this company more. Check them out for a fun, interactive, immersive experience. Great for first timers and experienced pros.


    My first experience with Victoria Escape Games and definitely not my last. Did the Trinity Project (Indoor) experience and had a blast. The experience was totally immersive, with puzzles that challenged our brains but didn’t leave us frustrated. The non-linear style of the game made it so everyone in our group had something to do. I will definitely be looking forward to trying whatever experience they come out with next!

    Very well designed. Challenging puzzles requiring a variety of approaches. Best of the three escape rooms I’ve done in town. A definite recommend.

    Michael Greer

    Had an amazing time! Ended up solving the puzzle just barely after 2 attempts, but it was certainly hard. Had an absolute blast, could not recommended enough! Hope everyone gets the chance to try this out, I’m so glad one opened in Victoria!

    Samantha Close

    So much fun!!! Even though we didn’t manage to escape it was a great time!! I highly recommend going!

    Ashley Murray

    Had so much fun! Went with a group of 4 and would definitely reccomend bringing a larger group. Super interesting storyline, variety of different puzzles, and things to figure out! First time at an escape room and would definitely come back. The owner was friendly, helpful and made sure we had fun!

    Michelle Hiscox

    We had a group of 7 and we had such a blast! Although we didn’t manage to escape this time, we chose not to reveal the solutions at the end so that we have a chance to come back and play again. There were tons of puzzles to figure out, so even with a bigger group we were all kept very busy! Definitely would recommend this experience!

    Morgan Fink

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