Frequently Asked Questions

Should I/we arrive early?

NO! Please arrive sharply on time for your appointment. DO NOT arrive early. Your appoint time is your arrival time. READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN YOUR CONFIRMATION EMAIL.

Is it scary? Is it like the movie 'Saw'?

NO! Escape rooms are generally NOT scary. There are some companies around that have adopted a horror theme as their particular niche, but that is an attribute of that particular company, and is NOT a reflection of escape rooms in general. The vast majority of escape rooms do not try to scare you. If you had to compare to a movie, our escape rooms would be more like The Da Vinci Code or Mission Impossible and nothing at all like Saw or Cabin in the Woods.

Are your rooms claustrophobic?

Absolutely not!

Can we drop in without an appointment?

No. We are by appointment only. In order to insure that our guests receive the necessary preparation and attention we do not currently allow drop-ins or walk-ins. If you show up unannounced the door will be locked and/or the gates will be closed. We open only for groups with an appointment. Reservations may be made online at least one day in advance. Same-day bookings are no longer allowed.

Do you give hints?

Yes. Groups are generally permitted 4 “consultations” with their Game Master.

Can kids play?

Yes! Escape rooms are great for kids from school-age (7ish) up. Young kids need to be able to focus sustained attention for at least one hour, so parents/guardians will need to judge if each child will enjoy the experience. In general, if an individual child enjoys activities such as puzzles, reading or other intellectual pursuits then they may well out-shine the adults. However some of the puzzles will be very difficult for young kids and our staff are not babysitters. For these reasons we require that at least one adult must play in all rooms.