Our Vaccine Policy

Monday, November 8th, 2021

Today Victoria Escape Games has come under a sustained and coordinated attack by anti-vaxxers explicitly seeking to run us out of business for our voluntary vaccine mandate policy. This vigilante mob operating through alternative social media sites has sought to weaponize google reviews and generalized harassment in an attempt to intimidate us.

To the vast majority of the community who support vaccines and vaccine mandates, rest assured we are unbowed and open for business. Please consider showing your support by booking a game with us or buying a gift certificate for your vaccinated friends, family or co-workers.

Victoria Escape Games does everything possible to make our games safe and sanitary for staff and customers alike. Our rooms are well sanitized between games and everyone who sets foot in Victoria Escape Games--be they staff, customers, or anyone else--has been vaccinated.

Those who are eligible for vaccination but choose not to be are not welcome at Victoria Escape Games and will be refused entry, please go elsewhere. Children and others exempt from vaccination for legitimate reasons continue to be welcome, as they always have. 

Also please remember, in a democracy, the rights of one person end where they infringe upon the rights of another.

The Management and Ownership
Victoria Escape Games