Puzzle Hunts


What is a Puzzle Hunt?

A puzzle hunt is a scavenger hunt with puzzles.

Our puzzle hunts use a special app for iOS or Android, upgrading your mobile cellular device into a super-high-tech spy “gadget” capable of using Augmented Reality (AR). These “gadgets” interact with virtual game elements, overlaid onto the real world. 

Each player must have their own “gadget” (a smart phone with data) to participate in the game. Teams are linked together within the app, allowing teammates to work as a group or split up during their adventure.

Teams can play alone, racing to get the best score and fastest time, or multiple teams can compete head-to-head at the same time. The later is an ideal activity for large groups such as school classes, sports teams or corporate events.

Our puzzle hunts are 100% outdoors (no COVID restrictions) and on-demand. Play any time; no booking or reservation is required. Just show up with your team when you want to play, choose your optimal group size and click the register button!


Spies vs. Spies

Spies vs. Spies


*** CODE RED ***
FROM: Agent X @ S.P.I.E.S. HQ
TO: Sleeper Cell Victor Bravo Charlie
Clearance Rating: TOP SECRET


A government whistleblower has stolen evidence of a new WMD that violates the Geneva Convention. On the run from the authorities and fearing for his life, he sent a cryptic message to the media before his capture and subsequent death in custody.

Initial analysis and decryption of the message indicates it contains the latitude and longitude of a public park in the Victoria region. This, combined with a number of other contextual clues, leads us to believe the whistleblower deliberately stashed his evidence in a publicly accessible hiding spot for the media to find.

Buried in the message appear to be clues for how to locate and decode the evidence. S.P.I.E.S. has been hired by a conglomerate of media organizations to retrieve the data stash before the authorities can find and destroy it.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to follow the whistleblower’s trail of breadcrumbs and blow the lid off this scandal before government operatives can find and destroy the evidence.

Location: Rutledge Park
Setting: 2-hour Outdoor Puzzle Hunt played 100% on your own Smartphone “gadget” using Augmented Reality.
Difficulty: 3/5 locks = “Moderate” Difficulty
Max Capacity: Unlimited; play as a single team, or multiple duelling teams can simultaneously compete to see who gets the best score.
Minimum Registration: $29.99 for team duo.
Minimum Age: None
Time Limit: 2 Hours
Wheelchair Accessible? Yes



All members of your team have been approved to augment their mobile device with our most advanced S.P.I.E.S. encryption and scanner technology.

This tech upgrade is mandatory for the mission and will allow secure data transfer, advanced detection and analysis of exotic data signals.

The encryption scanner is disguised as a game app available through our online front group using the alias ”ClueKeeper.” All agents must download and set up your gadget scanner prior to mission start by going to:


Each agent in your sleeper cell must activate an account on the app before mission start. All team members must have the app installed on a smart phone with data.

The Commanding Officer of your sleeper cell will be provided with a special “Hunt Code” to be entered on the app home screen. Once entered, the C.O. will have access to further data on the mission and be able to add additional members to the team. Do this before you start the mission.


Game Location:

Rutledge Park


The Park is Undergoing Renovations Outside of Our Control. We can not guarantee the game will currently be completable while the work is underway. 


Duo (Up to 2 “Gadgets”)


SALE $19.99

Sleeper Cell (Up to 4 “Gadgets”)


SALE $19.99

Cadre (Up to 6 “Gadgets”)


SALE $29.99

Squad (Up to 8 “Gadgets”)


SALE $37.99

Company (Up to 12 “Gadgets”)


SALE $44.99

Brigade (Up to 20 “Gadgets”)


SALE $59.99