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Genre: Dystopian Future/Sci-Fi
Location: Metchosin/Langford 
 100% Outdoors
 "Low Velocity" = rival teams race to complete mental and physical challenges, including limited combat with mechanically powered low-velocity weapons.
Difficulty: 2/5 locks = "Easier"
Max Capacity:
Minimum Booking Size: 5 players
Minimum Game Size: 
12 players
Minimum Age:
 10+, at least one adult per team.
Time Limit: 1 hour, 2 hours arrival to departure
Visceral: 5/5
Story: 4/5
Scare: 2/5
Team-Work: 4/5
Role Play: 4/5

Mix a scavenger hunt, orienteering and geo-caching with escape room puzzles. Then imagine the opposition shooting at you with sling shots, paintball guns and combat archery!

"Congratulations! Your team has been selected as Tribute for your District and will compete in the 57th annual Famine Games. May the Odds Be In Your Favour!"

THE FAMINE GAMES puts teams in a dystopian reality contest that uses safe, mechanically powered LOW VELOCITY PAINTBALLS and COMBAT ARCHERY weapons.

PRICES: $35/player
- Team $175 plus tax for 5 or fewer.
- Extra players $35, max 8/team.
- 3 teams minimum, 6 teams max.
- Suitable for ages 10+